TheChurch@ denotes the geographical nature of the local church. Each gathering of believers identifies with the community where they are located. The local church cares for their community and fills it with the love of God.

Live Here - Work Here - Play Here

Worship Here - Serve Here - Pray Here

The Church @ Movement is planting churches without church planting. We affirm God's authority and leadership over His church by embracing His biblical design for how the church should be led and function.

Our churches are birthed when God moves on His people through His Holy Spirit. As disciples are made and gathered together the natural result is a church.

Together the disciples live out their faith in loving service to each other and the world. These faith communities are salt and light in their community. The disciples grow in their faith and learn what it means to be Christians. As they learn to live in love together the natural result is a people zealous for good works. The natural result of a faith community living out God's design is repaired and strengthened relationships, churches and communities.

Each growing faith community cares for its community and the residents as they live sacrificially as the local expression of God's love.

The disciples are taught to live out the supernatural aspects of the Christian faith and to embrace their gifts and passions that make them a unique expression of God.

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A Christian Movement

TheChurch@ Movement is Christian. We embrace Jesus Christ, the son of God in human form. We affirm that Christ came to earth, died for our sins and rose from the dead to give us eternal life. Through this work He restored the Spirit of God to man giving us spiritual gifts and making us ambassadors of reconciliation.

We recognize the diversity of God and faith. We do not adopt creeds or doctrinal statements. We believe that truth is best found in an active faith rooted in discipleship not written dogma.