TheChurch@ denotes the geographical nature of the local church. Each gathering of believers identifies with the community where they are located. The local church cares for their community and fills it with the love of God.

Godly leadership is designed to equip, care for and release the people of God to be all that God designed them to be.

Many modern systems of church leadership have been designed by man to regulate, control and retain people in the man made systems of modern religious institutions.

God designed the church to be led by spiritually gifted leaders not man ordained offices and institutions. TheChurch@ Movement does not embrace these methods of men. You will find no denominations, church corporations, doctrinal statements, creeds or hired clergy positions running these churches.

They are run by those gifted with leadership and one of the 5 equipping gifts listed in Ephesians 4. These gifted leaders equip the saints to do the works of service. Each local church has elders and deacons appointed over it to care for the spiritual and physical needs of the body.

By following God's design for leadership we find that Christians are empowered and released to find their own gifts and passions. Through equipping we see authority raised up from within and we avoid the pitfalls of man made leadership systems.

A Christian Movement

TheChurch@ Movement is Christian. We embrace Jesus Christ, the son of God in human form. We affirm that Christ came to earth, died for our sins and rose from the dead to give us eternal life. Through this work He restored the Spirit of God to man giving us spiritual gifts and making us ambassadors of reconciliation.

We recognize the diversity of God and faith. We do not adopt creeds or doctrinal statements. We believe that truth is best found in an active faith rooted in discipleship not written dogma.